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My long time dentist recently retired. I was telling a friend that I needed a new dentist but, it had to be someone who would be understanding of my huge fear of needles. She recommended Dr. Montag. My first appointment was for a crown. Not only was he great about my needle phobia but, the whole process was done in about two hours. No temporary crown and a second appointment. Excellent, excellent experience. Thank you!

Frances P. Callahan

I had been searching for a Dentist in my area that I felt comfortable with. I need a cleaning and some other work performed on my teeth since I had not been to a Dentist in about 2 years since my last one retired.

I had joined Angie's List to find contractors etc for some work that I am having done and for laughs put in Dentist. Dr Montag came up as the number one choice and when I read the previous reviews I was ready to choose him.

I called the office and Chris, the receptionist answered the phone. I found her to be very friendly and acommodating so I made an appointment for the following week. My initial visit went well, the dentist explained to me in detail what needed to be done and what my options were. I had gone a year earlier to a different provider and found them to be very cold. But this office was very open, nice, and clean. When the Doctor was finished with his evaluation and suggestions I had decided to stay a bit longer and have some of the tough cleaning done since they had an opening. All through out the work, I was asked if I was comfortable, had any pain etc. He was very concerned with how the patient felt during the work. Even while the hygienist was working on my teeth, the Doctor popped in to check and see how I was doing.

I had a chipped tooth in the front and made an appointment for 3 days later to get this taken care of (That was today). Again my level of comfort was number one on his list. When I got home I checked myself in the mirror and was amazed at how good it looked and how much better I feel about myself after an hour in the chair.

So far all my dealings with this office have been great and I look forward to my next visit (Yikes, did I say that!)

Ray K

I recently moved to Mississippi and realized how much I miss seeing Dr. Montag, Chris, Patty and Ellen. I have been going to Dr. Montag since 2003. I have had many issues with my teeth and I needed a crown. I had the CEREC procedure and I am very pleased with the way it came out. I was extremely happy that it was a one-day procedure. I wish I could have brought you all to Mississippi with us!!!

Margaret Matocha

One morning a couple of years ago, after my family and I had recently moved to the Capital Region, my daughter woke up with a toothache. Being new to the area, I really did not know where to turn or who to call. I opened the local newspaper and happened to find an ad for Dr. Montagʼs office. That was a very lucky day for the Aldous family. I called and spoke to Chris, who was very helpful. All of our insurance information was still in boxes, but Chris called our insurance company and took care of everything. Within a couple of hours Kassi was at the dentist and out of pain. Since that day Kassi, Kira and I have all been treated by Dr. Montag. Coming from a very small town, I never thought I would find a dentist here who truly cares about his patients. Boy was I wrong! I canʼt say enough kind words about Dr. Montag and Chris; they are both excellent in their chosen professions. They have always made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Dr. Montag and his staff to anyone.

Tracie Aldous

Although I’ve already written a testimonial some time ago about the excellent care and service my family and I receive at Montag Dental, I just had to write another one today because if it weren’t for Dr. Montag I don’t know what I would have done…My 9-year old son had an accident in a pool and lost his front tooth (root and all). Of course, it happened on a Sunday afternoon. I called Dr. Montag and within minutes he returned my call and made arrangements to meet me and my son at his office within 1-hour. I don’t know many dentists that would go above and beyond the call of duty in the way that Dr. Montag did on a Sunday afternoon.

My son was very upset and traumatized and Dr. Montag was awesome! He was able to literally put the tooth back in its place and hopefully in time the tooth will be OK. If not, Dr. Montag has given me all the options we have and was able to ease my worries. We expected my son to be in a lot of pain the very next day but remarkably, he is not! My son’s comment in the morning was: “Dr. Montag did such a good job…my tooth is healed!”

I can’t thank Dr. Montag enough for what he did for my son. I would highly recommend Montag Dental for all of your family dental needs!

The Shearing Family

Dr. Montag and his staff, Chris and Erin, are just superb.

After receiving many years of excellent dental care in Florida, I hastily chose a large dental clinic when I relocated to the Northeast. Less than 3 years later, I was frantically searching for a better level of treatment due to a major dental crisis.

That's when I remembered seeing Dr. Montag's ad in the "Community News" paper. I looked at his website and immediately called his office because I was so impressed.

The difference was unbelievable right from the start. Dr. Montag, Chris, and Erin actually listened to me, addressed my concerns gently and patiently, and explained all of the treatment options. They have provided the best level of care that I could ever imagine.

I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Montag and his staff, and I highly recommend them. In my opinion, you should do yourself a favor and call the office to make an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

Mary Jo Cutty

I can honestly say that Dr. Montag saved my Memorial Day weekend, and much more. I had never met him until the Friday afternoon before the biggest weekend of the summer. All of my plans and expectations for some "fun in the sun" were ruined when I suddenly and shockingly lost my FRONT TOOTH crown. It was gone! All that was left was a gaping hole staring me in the face any time I moved my lips to talk or smile (like that was going to happen.) It was unbelievable. I frantically called my dentist knowing his office was closed. When I called his emergency number he was out of town with his family, but he made some calls and contacted his friend and colleague Dr. Montag. Within an hour, Dr. Montag met me at his office, which he opened for me – a patient whom he had never met or cared for before. In just minutes he designed and placed a temporary crown, which looked GREAT. The panic I felt was gone and my plans were back on!
Thank you Dr. Montag for your professionalism, your expertise, and your genuine caring for your patients.

Carol Bradt

Dr. Montag is truly a nice guy, and the most professional dentist I've ever met. Prior to last week I had never met Dr. Montag and he went out of his way to open the office during Christmas vacation to help me. I was very impressed with the doctor and will always appreciate what he did for me in my time of need.

Tom Dinardi

With my history of dental problems it has been a great pleasure to have Dr. Montag as my dentist. Dr. Montag worked closely with my oral surgeon and orthodontist completing my complex case in a comprehensive, uncomplicated way. I was particularly pleased with Dr. Montag's insistence on perfection when replacing an older veneer with a new all-porcelain crown. The finishing touch was the Zoom whitening treatment. This added youthful brightness to my now straight smile. I really enjoy when people comment on how nice my smile is. It is comforting to be in such good hands. And the office is just so comfortable!
Chris and Erin also play a large role in my care. They have been very supportive and add the finishing touches to my patient experience at Dr. Montag's office. They really make me feel like part of the family. I look forward to a long relationship with Dr. Montag and his staff.

John Shay

What a pleasure it has been to go for dental procedures and be relaxed! Dr. Montag and his staff made me feel safe and at ease. Pain and discomfort have not even been an issue. I was never made to feel ashamed of my teeth and have been so pleased with the results.

Wyndi Capeci

My husband and I were very happy with our current dentist, as we had been with him for years. But when we met Dr. Montag and his staff, we were amazed at what we had been missing out on for years! Dr. Montag's office is equipped with the latest and greatest technology for dentistry. Aside from being a nice guy, Dr. Montag’s credentials far surpass any other dentist I’ve been to. I recently had cosmetic work done on my teeth, which included having the bonding that I had on my two front teeth for the past 15 years removed and replaced with crowns/veneers. I was thrilled with the quality of the work as well as the effort Dr. Montag and his staff put into making sure I had the perfect match in size and color for my new front teeth. What I expected to be a painful procedure turned out to be the complete opposite. My new teeth look great, and I have gotten so many compliments on them. Dr. Montag also has this state-of-the-art camera equipment that allowed him to match the color of my teeth EXACTLY to my existing teeth. As for our children—ages 6 and 4, they now actually enjoy going to the dentist. The staff makes it fun and enjoyable for them and takes the time to explain every procedure during their cleanings. Where else can you go to the dentist and play GameBoy and watch Fairly Odd Parents on the TV screen while having your teeth cleaned?!

I would highly recommend Dr. Montag and his staff to anyone.

Teresa Shearing

Dr. Montag is a true professional. He gives dentistry a good name. Prior to going to him, I would always dread going to the dentist, even for something as simple as a cleaning. Whether it’s just a cleaning or a filling, my mouth winds up looking great---pain free! I have been going to him for three years now…and will continue!

Marci Natale

Since moving back to the Capital District I have had the daunting task of finding all new physicians for my family's health care, including a dentist. The first dentist's office we went to was your typical dental practice -- "nice enough," but nothing special. It was large, and we were among many, many patients.
I have since started orthodontic work, and this required visits to a general dentist as well. The thought of traveling to an office for "nice enough" care did not thrill me, so I began my search for a new dentist. Several names were given to me by my orthodontist, so I decided try one. I remember seeing Dr. Montag's picture in one of the local papers and thought his smiling face looking up from the pages was warm, friendly and sincere. I stopped by the office as it was close to my home and was greeted by his wonderful staff. I immediately knew that I had made the right choice! I was very impressed by Dr. Montag and his staff and pleased with my decision to change dentists.
The office is wonderful. Chris is the warmest and friendliest hygienist I have ever had! Erin is a wonderful assistant and always makes me feel welcome when I visit. I am currently changing my entire family's dental appointments and transferring their records to Dr. M.' s office. My mom - who was so frightened by dentists - now sees Dr. Montag and will never see another dentist again! She is well taken care of; the professionalism and personal attention they give to each patient is unsurpassed. I am pleased to be a part of the Montag Dental Family and know you will be too!!

Mary Anne Nadel

My family and I are committed to Dr. Montag's dental practice. I have been to
numerous dentists for various procedures, but he by far gets an A+ from our
family. This rating is based on the dentist and his staff, the environment
and the quality of treatment. Dr. Montag is a sincere dentist who always goes the
extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Dr. Montag's assistant
Erin is the most pleasant, caring and nicest person I have met in a long
time. And Chris is by far THE BEST HYGIENIST I have ever
come across! She is friendly, thorough and gentle. I have had cleanings,
fillings, crowns, a root canal and other procedures done at this office and
will never go anyplace else. I have found a dentist to grow old with my
family. Dr. Montag and his staff are personable and dedicated to making
their patients happy. This practice is truly a family atmosphere!

Robin Pugliese

When I walked into Dr. Montag's office 2 years ago I hated all dentists. My past
dental memories were painful and horrific. That's all changed now. I have had
extensive work, but experienced no pain. Dr. Montag and his staff are friendly,
professional, and educational. I learn more and more about how to care for my teeth
& gums with each visit. Christine is by far the best hygienist ever.
My entire family now goes to Dr. Montag, we all feel the same We recommend this
office to all we meet.

Joseph Blond

Cryin', tooth pryin' and big chairs, OH, MY! Does the very thought of the "DENTIST"
make your molars cringe? Put those wicked thoughts to rest! One thinks of a
painless dentist as an oxymoron, but my finicky family has come to appreciate
dental hygiene, in a large part due to the diligence of this crew. Be prepared to
be accountable; they will not let you slide on your health!
I have been around to many offices across the country for a few decades and
found fewer professionals as congenial and accommodating as Dr. Montag and his
staff. My daughter says [of the hygienist], "Chris is my Hero! I'd drive a few
miles to go to that office!" and these are children that spent their life time
in and out of many chairs at the whim of the military!
I am impressed with the cutting edge technology used (and explained) in the
office and the wonderfully soft sink-in-and get cozy chairs! Chris and Erin have
smiles that greet you like you just walked into "CHEERS" and check to see if you
are comfortable. I hesitated to bring my son in at his typical stage of teenage
angst, but Chris put the lid on that and I hear no complaints from him- a good
We were fairly new to the neighborhood and unsure of our dental program. I
responded to a flyer in our local paper and found that the friendly dentist with
the big smile was both genuinely concerned for our welfare and willing to work
with our family!
I recommend him to anyone I meet , like a loosely kept secret, and discovered
that the mention of his name at a crafting session recently, brought on a burst
of happy chatter and kudos for Dr. Montag's work.
Dr. Montag is a very approachable professional that listens to your concerns. His
cooperative and accommodating staff works with you to make your dental experience
one you can actually smile about!

Martha F. Hulshoff